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Nigeria passports now to have 10 years validity

  The Federal Government led by Muhammadu Buhari has approved the extension of validity of Nigeria’s international passport to 10 years from five years currently. Also with the approval, the Federal Government can now enter bilateral agreement with other countries for 10 years visa. Muhammed Babandede, Comptroller-General Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), said on Thursday that […]

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Nigeria Petroleum Industry Reforms: The Elements of The Petroleum Host and Impacted Communities Bill (PHICB)

  Preamble One of the fora for informing Petroleum Host and Impacted Communities on the content of the Bill was organized by Emerald Energy Institute (For Petroleum & Energy Economics, Policy and Strategic Studies) EEI, University of Port Harcourt, under the auspices of FOSTER Ltd (the Sponsor). Dr. Adigwe, a Petroleum Consultant working with the […]

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Putin returns the favor and invites Trump to visit Moscow

                            The White House said US President Donald Trump is “open to visiting Moscow” as Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested on Friday and renewed the president’s proposal for Putin to come to Washington in 2019. On Wednesday, the White House announced it […]

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Ex-Armenian President Robert Kocharian arrested

  Armenia’s former President Robert Kocharian was arrested late Friday on charges of “overthrowing the constitutional order” during events surrounding an election a decade ago. Kocharian, who served as president from 1998 to 2008, will be held in pre-trial detention, a Yerevan court ruled after the Special Investigative Service (SIS) leveled charges against the 63-year-old […]

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Trump Moves in the Right Direction on Trade With Europe

                        This week, the White House is singing a new tune on trade and it sounds promising. President Donald Trump, in a joint press conference with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, said they were “[launching] a new phase … of strong trade relations in […]

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Two dead as ‘terrifying’ tornados of flame burn California city, Redding

                  A wildfire that roared with little warning into a Northern California city claimed two lives as thousands of people scrambled to escape before the walls of flames descended from forested hills onto their neighborhoods, officials said Friday. Residents who gathered their belongings in haste described a […]

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To all my self employed,small business owner friends.

              Rihanna releases a lip gloss,people buy it.Michael Jordon puts out some new trainers,people buy it.Dr Dre has new headphones,people buy it.Oprah promotes weight loss programs,folks jump(if they can)on board.Beyonce has a concert,people spend $300 on a ticket. Friend and family member starts a new business,people are wary.”Not sure […]

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California fire forces partial closure at Yosemite National Park

                      As smoke from a nearby wildfire pours into Yosemite Valley, Tom Lambert has had to tell tourists who booked his vacation home months in advance that they would have to defer their stays so firefighters could take protective measures against the growing blaze. The […]

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Threats to Revoke Security Clearances Raises Concern for CIA’s Future

                      “The president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearances because they’ve politicized, and in some cases monetized, their public service and security clearances,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said on Monday. Her statement should worry every American. Let’s ignore for the moment […]