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Saudi Arabia’s blockade in Yemen will tip the country into famine, observers warn

        Houthi rebels in civil-war torn Yemen have threatened to start attacking oil tankers and warships sailing under Saudi coalition flag, unless Riyadh lifts its naval blockade of Yemen which threatens the lives of millions in the war-torn country. The threat of a military response to the ongoing blockade was made after […]

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Here’s How Deadly a North Korea Nuclear Attack Could Be

Oct 05, 2017 If North Korea launched a nuclear attack, the death toll would be costly: perhaps as bad as 2.1 million deaths in Tokyo and Seoul alone. In the event of an “unthinkable” escalation, casualties in the East Asian capitals of key American allies would be catastrophic, including as many as 7.7 million injuries, […]

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London Tour Spotlights Nigerian Corrupt Money Funneled Through Britain

Anti-corruption activists hoping to shine a light on the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled through London every year are organizing tours of properties allegedly bought with suspect money. The latest tour focuses on corrupt money coming from Nigeria. Henry Ridgwell reports from London. Why not let your friends enjoy us too. Please share, follow […]

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She’s still got it! Fergie, 42, flashes chest and abs as she strips naked for Double Dutchess album after painful split from Josh Duhamel

  The 42-year-old looked to be in perfect shape as she was photographed with no clothes on as she stood in a studio for new images to go with her album which features song such as Hungry and Like It Ain’t Nuttin’. Nude girl: Fergie has been doing all she can to promote her first […]

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A North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with a huge cache of weapons destined for a surprising buyer

  North Korean soldiers carrying packs marked with a radioactive symbol take part in a military parade in Pyongyang. North Korea has been selling small arms around the world to bring in the hard currency it needs to survive. (2013 photo by Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images) By Joby Warrick October 1 at 6:49 PM Last August, […]

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Cameroon Africa demonstrations Africa Cameroon orders 3-day total lockdown in troubled Anglophone region

  Cameroon authorities on Friday banned all gatherings of more than four people, ordered bus stations, eateries and shops to shut and forbade movement between divisions of its English-speaking region for three days to prevent planned protests. Anglophone Cameroonians plan to demonstrate on October 1st, the day of their independence from Britain, over what they […]

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Sergio Aguero badly injured in a horror car crash

It’s been a shocking week for Man City on the injury front. On Thursday, Man City confirmed everyone’s worse fears for French international Benjamin Mendy. The left-back, who has been so impressive in the first weeks of his Premier League career, is now out for many months. Mendy ruptured his ACL playing against Crystal Palace […]

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Hundreds dead as 7.1-magnitude earthquake hits Mexico, toppling a school

The extent of damage and injuries from the powerful quake remain unclear. An earthquake has ravaged the central regions of Mexico, with the death toll currently at 226 and expected to rise. Among the dead are 21 children killed when their primary school building collapsed. The US Geological Survey said the earthquake was 7.1 magnitude, […]