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WhatsApp is bringing three new features that will DRAMATICALLY change how you use the app

      The Facebook-owned company currently has three huge features in beta testing The Facebook-owned company currently has three huge features in beta testing that will surely be rolled out to its user base of over 1billion people. WhatsApp has pleased its users this year by incorporating a host of new features into its […]

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Forget the Galaxy S9, this is the Samsung phone you may actually buy in 2018

Samsung Galaxy S9 will have a curved OLED display and dual rear cameras The Samsung Galaxy S9 is set to launch next year, with the follow-up to the Galaxy S8 and S8+ expected to be revealed in February 2018. It’s believed that the South Korean tech giant will use the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to […]

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Excess Data Hits Market as Glo Launches Data Revolution

          Emma Okonji Subscribers on the network of Globacom, are in for excess data season as the company once again blazed the trail by launching a new data revolution, which confers its subscribers an unfair advantage with unmatched data packages; the biggest ever in the industry. The launch of the Glo […]

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This Steve Jobs quote perfectly sums up the difference between billionaires and the rest of us

Rich people think differently than the average person, and Apple co founder Steve Jobs, who died with an estimated net worth of $10.2 billion, was no exception. In a Quora thread answering the question “Do billionaires know something that normal people don’t?” Patrick Methieson noted a Jobs quote that encapsulates the “billionaire mentality”: “Everything around […]

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Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past

          To put it another way: after a century in which the car has sat at the heart of industrial civilisation, the age of the automobile – of mass vehicle ownership, and the idea (in the western world at least) that life is not complete without your own set of wheels […]

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Bitcoin is still sliding after Thursday’s wipeout

Digital currency Bitcoin continues to fall against the dollar on Friday, following a 16% collapse in its value on Thursday. Bitcoin began sliding on Thursday after Chinese media reported that the country’s regulators were moving closer to shutting down exchanges. Business Insider first reported that China was looking at a crackdown on all cryptocurrencies after the People’s Bank of China […]

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Rolls-Royce has designed a completely autonomous naval ship

Autonomous ships could cut lives lost at sea, but is it safe to give AI access to the navy? Not content with its tech-filled Phantom, Rolls-Royce has announced it has plans to make a 60-metre-long truly autonomous navy ship. Packed with sophisticated sensors, artificial intelligence and “advanced propulsion” technology, Rolls-Royce aims to sell to the world’s […]