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Experts Urge Trump: ‘Stick To The Script’ In Asia, Don’t Provoke North Korea

                    As President Donald Trump makes his journey to Asia for a 12-day, five-country trip, international security experts are urging him to “stick to the script” and avoid making incendiary comments while discussing North Korea. The “America first” leader has engaged in an escalating war of […]

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US warns of N Korean ‘provocations’ as it sends bombers, carriers to region

(CNN)After months of rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, Pyongyang seems to have gone quiet. In the first 10 months of this year, North Korea launched 22 missiles and tested a hydrogen bomb, while threatening to fire missiles over the US territory of Guam and conduct an atmospheric nuclear test. One of the most recent […]

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North Korea conducts mass-evacuation drills as threat of war heightens

              North Korea has been conducting rare mass evacuation and black out drills throughout the country in preparation for war, it emerged this weekend. Multiple sources told NK News that the drills have taken place in secondary and tertiary cities and towns, particularly along the east coast, but not […]

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Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past

          To put it another way: after a century in which the car has sat at the heart of industrial civilisation, the age of the automobile – of mass vehicle ownership, and the idea (in the western world at least) that life is not complete without your own set of wheels […]

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Khamenei Warns Iran Will ‘Shred’ Nuclear Deal If U.S. Quits It

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is threatening to “shred” the nuclear deal between Tehran and global powers if the United States pulls out. Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, said on October 18 that Tehran will stick to the 2015 deal as long as the other signatories respect it. He was speaking in Tehran days after […]

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Beyond the nuclear deal: What to do about Iran’s spreading military influence

        Riad Hijab is Syria’s former prime minister and the current leader of the opposition High Negotiation Committee. President Trump said Friday that he would not certify the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, based on a clear-eyed assessment of Iran’s dictatorship, its sponsorship of terrorism, and its continuing aggression around the world and […]

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Trump’s decision to decertify nuclear deal harms US credibility – Iranian FM

    US President Donald Trump’s recent decision not to recertify Tehran’s compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement will only undermine Washington’s own credibility in the international arena, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said. “Nobody else will trust any US administration to engage in any long-term negotiation because the length of any commitment, the […]

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It’s Not Just North Korea: Now Iran’s Rev Guards are Threatening War With U.S.

  10.10.17 5:12 A Revolutionary Guards Commander has threatened the U.S. military, warning that if the U.S. classifies Iran’s Guards as terrorists and introduces fresh sanctions, it would regard the move as a U.S. withdrawal from the nuclear deal, making future engagement between the two countries impossible. “The Guards will consider the American military all […]

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Saudi Arabia: Prince Mohammed plays his biggest card yet

A rumbling war in Yemen, a festering standoff with Qatar, and a turbulent time at home: things haven’t being going well for Saudi Arabia lately. Tuesday’s announcement that the kingdom would finally grant women the right to drive cars put a stop – for a while at least – to the cycle of bad news. […]

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Israeli planes reportedly hit chemical weapons site in Syria

Syrian reports indicate Israeli warplanes struck an army base in central Syria where chemical weapons are stored. Initial reports in Arab media Thursday morning claimed that the Israel Air Force attacked regime targets in Syria overnight that are linked to chemical weapons. The attack was allegedly launched on targets located in central Syria, in the […]