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Owning a car will soon be a thing of the past

          To put it another way: after a century in which the car has sat at the heart of industrial civilisation, the age of the automobile – of mass vehicle ownership, and the idea (in the western world at least) that life is not complete without your own set of wheels […]

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Jimmy Carter Wants to Help President Trump Resolve the North Korea Crisis

          Former President Jimmy Carter may be on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum from the current leader of the free world, but he’s still offering to help with one of the most pressing issues — the crisis with North Korea. Carter, 93 told the New York Times he is willing […]

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China reveals plan to become world’s biggest superpower within 30 years

      China has outlined its plans to become the world’s biggest superpower within the next 30 years. Xi Jinping opened the five-yearly National Congress and set out his plan for the country to become a “global leader” by 2050. Speaking in the Great Hall of the People for 3-and-a-half-hours, the President laid out […]

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World War 3: Kim’s insiders arranging secret meetings with US experts to get dirt on Trump

NORTH Korea has been secretly trying to arrange meetings with US experts and Republican-linked analysts in a last-ditch attempt to get inside the mind of Donald Trump. Several high-profile former experts and analysts have been approached by Pyongyang officials trying to make sense of the US President’s mind set over Kim Jong-un’s regime. According to […]

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North Korea ‘won’t survive a YEAR’ Crippling sanctions could KILL citizens

Ri Jong-ho, a North Korean defector who previously ran an international network of North Korean businesses, claims the current sanctions could devastate the hermit dictatorship. He told crowds at an Asia Society event in New York: “The sanctions that the White House has imposed on North Korea are of a historic level. “Never before has […]

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North Korea warns states: Don’t join any U.S. action and you’re safe

                UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – North Korea warned countries at the United Nations on Monday in a statement: don’t join the United States in military action against the Asian state and you will be safe from retaliation. The caution was contained in a copy of North Korean Deputy […]

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Has N. Korea nuked itself out of a nuclear test site?

        SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea said it detected an earthquake Friday near North Korea’s main nuclear test site, the fourth since the country’s sixth and most powerful nuclear test explosion last month. Some experts suggested the area is now too unstable to conduct more bomb tests. The 2.7-magnitude quake occurred […]

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Hosting of World Cup ‘not up for discussion,’ says Qatar following UAE threats

Qatar on Wednesday strongly criticised Emirati officials for questioning Doha’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, saying that the tournament “is not up for discussion or negotiation” amid a diplomatic crisis engulfing the region. The back-and-forth over the games comes as four Arab nations, including the United Arab Emirates, continue to boycott Qatar, in […]

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Here’s How Deadly a North Korea Nuclear Attack Could Be

Oct 05, 2017 If North Korea launched a nuclear attack, the death toll would be costly: perhaps as bad as 2.1 million deaths in Tokyo and Seoul alone. In the event of an “unthinkable” escalation, casualties in the East Asian capitals of key American allies would be catastrophic, including as many as 7.7 million injuries, […]

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A North Korean ship was seized off Egypt with a huge cache of weapons destined for a surprising buyer

  North Korean soldiers carrying packs marked with a radioactive symbol take part in a military parade in Pyongyang. North Korea has been selling small arms around the world to bring in the hard currency it needs to survive. (2013 photo by Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images) By Joby Warrick October 1 at 6:49 PM Last August, […]