These Prince Harry & Meghan Markle ‘Game Of Thrones’ Engagement Tweets Will Make Fans Royally Laugh
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ByKristie Rohwedder

Raise a glass of wine that’s good enough to be stored in Cersei Lannister’s pantry, because there’s about to be another royal wedding. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement to the world on Monday, Nov. 27, and the news was received with utter delight, as well as a whole pile of funny tweets. And some of those funny tweets happened to be Game of Thrones-themed responses to the royal engagement, a genre of tweet that’s especially appreciated during the HBO series’ off-season. Oh, and what a long off-eason it has been

Aside from the whole monarchy thing, the fantasy world of GoT and the British royal family don’t really have anything in common; it’d be like comparing a classic apple to a winged, fire-breathing orange that has battled ice demons and is actually a shadow creature. But when Thrones is on hiatus, some fans will look for any excuse to bring up the show *raises hand proudly*. The word “throne” in the phrase “fifth in line for the British throne” is enough of a reason to talk Thrones, right? Cool.

Unlike almost everything that’s ever happened on GoT, Prince Harry and Markle’s story is pretty adorable. The affianced pair met through a mutual friend in 2016 and hit it off straight away. As Markle said in the September 2017 issue of Vanity Fair, she and Prince Harry were “very quietly dating for about six months before it became news.” They have maintained a relatively low profile, occasionally spotted doing things like shopping for a Christmas tree together like a regular ol’ couple. However, they are not a regular ol’ couple: She is a successful American actor who has been on multiple hit TV shows, he was a captain in the British Army, and both are humanitarians. Oh, and he also happens to be fifth in line for the British throne.

And speaking of the sovereign chair, it’s time to Thrones. Here are some solid GoT-themed tweets about Markle and Prince Harry’s big news that’ll treat Thrones fans right.
It Was A Very Hound-tastic Proposal


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